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PHG Safety Services Ltd provide a wide range of health and safety consultancy and advisory services, including risk assessments, audits, manuals, policies nominated person etc...

Our expert team of health and safety consultants can act as your point of contact for health and safety advice, as part of your legal obligations.



Health and safety inspections are a necessary part of any organisation. Performing thorough checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees and other individuals are not put at risk.

We carry out full health and safety inspections of the physical aspects of your premises, as well as your on-site documentation

Full reports are produced that detail:

•Observations made and hazards identified

•Level of risk (High, Medium or Low)

•Any recommendations necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance.

Construction sites can be hazardous environments, so to mitigate risk, safety inspections can be combined with toolbox talks. These talks provide additional evidence that an employer is fulfilling legal obligations to give employees and subcontractors information and training to protect their wellbeing.

 Inspection reports can be submitted electronically or can be handwritten and issued on site. Our inspection service can also be covered as part of our annual support contracts.

To find out more or to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our health and safety experts, contact us today.




Our qualified safety auditors can assist any companies that require health and safety audits of their management systems.

Our audits are tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. For smaller organisations, they can be as simple as an inspection of the premises and a review of current health and safety documentation. This is followed by a report detailing all observations and recommendations.

Larger firms may be keen to have external audits of their management systems. Our health and safety audits are conducted according to the requirements of UK laws and the principles contained within the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on management systems (HS(G)65).

Our health and safety audits can be desktop only or they can include site visits to verify that policy and practice are in alignment.

After these assessments have been completed, we produce a prioritised action plan offering guidance in how to make any required improvements. We are also happy to assist with any recommendations if required. However, this is entirely up to the client.
 At PHG Safety Services Ltd we can also assist with the business gaining international standards for Health and Safety, the environment and quality.
Note that these audits can be offered a part of our support contracts.

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