PHG Safety Services LTD



PHG Safety Services Ltd offer the following training. Bespoke induction training to suit any business. 
The induction can be as a PowerPoint presentation or a flip chart. If using PowerPoint it will come with user notes or a voice over.

If you require assistance with maintaining or improving health and safety standards on your sites contact PHG Safety Services Ltd

Should you be interested in using PHG Safety Services Ltd to assist you, please contact our team on 01461 201687



PHG Safety Services Ltd offer the following training as either bespoke or off the shelf courses:

1. Fire Safety Awareness Training

2. Fire Warden Training

3. Fire Extinguisher Training

The advantage of bespoke training is that examples and images used are from the client’s site. 

Abrasive Wheel Training

If your employees use bench grinders or angle grinders, then they must be trained in how to mount and dress wheels. 

PHG Safety Services Ltd can visit client sites or can carry out the training at the company facility in Annan, Dumfries & Galloway.